Let the Creator Spirit lead

Our faith calls us to bridge divides, uphold justice, and pursue reconciliation. By engaging in discussions, educating ourselves and taking concrete steps, we can discover ways to actively engage in this sacred land, our belonging, and its future. Let the Creator Spirit lead our nation.

Dear Lord
We pray for a bright and just shared future for all who call Australia home.
We ask that Your grace of acceptance and compassion will guide us.
Let the Creator Spirit lead our journey with the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of this land.
May we share Your Spirit more deeply; celebrate the gifts You have given us.
Help us appreciate true harmony and peace just as our Old People did;
Keep us strong, make us resilient and remember us in this time.
Now is an opportunity to change our Nation’s history for the better.
Walk with us as we write a new chapter together and
may we be one in Your love.