A Yogi questions Nanak

In a transformational event of his life, Guru Nanak went to bathe in a river and disappeared. After three days he returned. When he returned, he looked like a man possessed and did not utter a word. When he finally spoke, he said, “There is no Hindu and no Musalman.” These words were the beginning of his teachings which would culminate in the formation of a new religion.

Questions from a Yogi

What is the basis of your teaching?
What period is your thought?
Who is your Guru, to whom you are a disciple?
What exposition keeps you in detachment?
Tell us what we want to hear, child Nanak.

Nanak Answers

The basis of my teaching is the first breath.
My thought belongs to the age of the Satguru.
The Word is my Guru, I am a disciple of the sound of meditation
The exposition of the Inexplicable keeps me in detachment
Nanak, in each succeeding age the Guru is God.
I meditate on the exposition of the One Word,
For the gurmukh, self-interest is consumed in its fire.
[Rag Ramkali. Adi Granth p.942]


Guru Nanak in a yellow robe
Guru Nanak in a yellow robe – source unknown.