Interfaith Prayers Website is an activity of Religions for Peace Australia, being affiliated with the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace, formerly known as the World Conference of Religions for Peace. Interfaith Prayers Website operates in accordance with Religions for Peace’s vision and mission to advance common action among the world’s religious communities for peace and its following four guiding principles:

  1. respect religious diversity and seek to honour the identity and community of each religious tradition and their authentic spiritual principles.
  2. leverage the existing spiritual, moral and social assets of the world’s religious communities to act on deeply held and widely shared values.
  3. build and/or strengthen representative, sustainable multi-religious mechanisms, co-owned by religious institutions and communities.
  4. partner local, national, regional, and global multi-religious structures, with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental civil society actors.

Sharing the mission of Religions for Peace Australia, the Interfaith Prayers Website seeks to promote Asian spiritualities and interreligious awareness and harmony as well as global and regional cohesion in the pursuit of peace, justice and human dignity and to uphold and develop the various religious heritages of the Asia-Pacific region in accordance with the authentic values of religion and spirituality.


Purpose of World Religions